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Symphonic, Melodic Death Metal hailing from Italy - Est. 1997



Years Active:




Mike Lunacy

Davide Rinaldi

Jacopo Rossi

Marco Binda

Parma, Italy

Melodic Death Metal

1997 - Present

Fuel Records





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Dark Lunacy, was founded in 1997. A year later, the band recorded the EP "Silent Storm", a self-production that was swiftly heard and appreciated in the underground music scene. In the spring of 1999, the band released another 4-track demo entitled "Serenity", in which the use of a real string quartet forged one of the essential pillars in the sound of Dark Lunacy.

In 2000, the band signed a contract with Fuel Records and in September it released its first official full length album: "Devoid". "Devoid" met  great success and, driven by the two hits Forlorn and Dolls, Dark Lunacy became well-known and followed on a larger scale, easily achieving a contract for the following album.

In May 2003, the second full-length "Forget - Me - Not", reached a perfect blend: melodic parts (driven by a more evident string quartet) mixed with a much more aggressive attitude. Between 2004 and 2005, the band went through a real golden age. Live activity had a huge boost and Dark Lunacy played several gigs with foreign bands and took part in major Italian festivals (like Gods Of Metal and Evolution Fest).

Since 2003, the band has been often featured in events abroad, especially in Mexico and Russia, where the fan base has now become very consistent. In 2006, Dark Lunacy touched the pinnacle of its career with the third studio album, entitled "The Diarist", a concept album that deals with the 900-days siege of Leningrad during World War II. Less orchestral than the previous album, "The Diarist" reached a higher technical-songwriting level, combining powerful and sharp guitar riffs with melodies full of pathos, anger and solemnity.

In fall 2008, Enomys, a founding member of the band, decided to leave the Lunacy camp.

In early 2009, the band is featured in many international live events and, after a big change in the lineup, started working on "The Diarist" following album.
It was a winning move: in November 2010, Dark Lunacy completed the recording of the fourth album, "Weaver of Forgotten", released in November by Fuel Records, the label that has been at Mike Lunacy's side for more than 10 years. "Weaver of Forgotten" is a concept, or rather a constant prayer in memory of our loved ones. An intimate, personal and touching work which shows the doom side of the band.

In March 2012, the band flew to Mexico City to record the first Live Greatest Hits. The DVD, which captures the band performing its career highlights in front of 3.000 people, it was released (again for Fuel Records) in October 2013.
After a full year of sound research and composition, in spring 2014, the band released the fifth full length album. Ten songs where the band revived the atmosphere of Mother Russia. And this time, everything was done at its best, using the Red Army's Choir as milestone in an unmatched sound.

During 2014-2015, the band was the star of many live shows. Mexico, Russia, Japan and many concerts in their own country.
Further news come on May 2016, as it is announced that the writing of the new album has been completed. The new album is recorded in summer at Blackwave Studio in Genova, and it is released the following autumn.
The first big detail that emerges is that the new album would return - in a more mature way - to the sound of the beginnings, with the contribution of a true string quartet - the band trademark - and a 40-piece choir, as well as the typical piano, played by the bass player of the band, Jacopo Rossi.

"The Rain After The Snow", Dark Lunacy new album, entirely composed and written by Jacopo Rossi, interpreted by Mike Lunacy, is released on 11 November 2016 via Fuel Records, the label which published also the previous albums of the band; it is also confirmed the collaboration between the band and the graphic designer and artist Gaspare Frazzitta, who designed the artwork and the booklet of the album and designed the previous ones "Weaver of Forgotten" and "The Day Of Victory".






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